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and need more leads?


B2B Database

I can help you build a B2B contact database to match your ideal customer profile. Facebook, Google Maps, Instagram, LinkedIn or Xing all are all rich with potential B2B leads relevant for you business waiting to be contacted. 

Be it that you're building influencer, affiliates, media database, we got you covered.

No project is too small

Flexible partnership

One-off or recurring project? No problem, there is not "MOQ"

Iterate until perfection

Unlimited revisions

We will revise the extraction until you have what you need

Get it done, fast

Fast delivery

We strive to complete any task in shortest amount possible. Before start you'll be given accurate estimate of a duration


Task description

You provide the URL(s) where the data is located and the data-points you'd like to retrieve. This can be done either via phone call or email


Sample of requested data is sent to you for the review. Here you'll get a glimpse how the full data will be provided. This is where the final touches are made. 


Delivery of full results

After you've been satisfied with the sample, the rest of the leads are generated. Results are delivered in preferred data-format(s).

Any corrections

We will perform any corrections in-case something has not been performed as you've requested.


Common questions

Business registries, LinkedIn, Facebook, websites, trade-shows and conferences.

Yes, I happy to import the leads to your CRM

Depending on a complexity and scale of a task. For majority of tasks you should expect it to be deliver in under 5 days.

It depends on your needs and availability of the data.

I'm specialized in B2B area, for which we can provide guidance on finding best resources for your needs.

Yes. However, an automation program is required to extract the data which can be created for the needs of a task.

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